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this retailer sells a halal nail polish. this allows for oxygen and water to go through the nail, which makes it acceptable to wear during prayer. spread the word. 

“Being a relatively modern creation, nail polish remains obviously unaddressed by early Islamic sources. But the general consensus in the Islamic community is that praying with nail polish is impermissible because of the waterproof barrier it creates on nails, which prevents the wudu ritual from being completed five times a day.” (source)

For any Muslim followers.





It’s only water vapor permeable, and it’s not at all water permeable when you apply multiple coats, a top coat, or a base coat.

You should use the Tuesday In Love water-permeable brands instead! They’re completely water permeable and come in a whole ton of colors!

Here’s a test that a sister did comparing the Inglot brand and the Tuesday In Love brand on a paper towel so you can see for yourself.

please please please spread this around, I would hate for a lot of sisters to have their prayers invalidated because of something like this.

Just passing this along in case it’s useful to anyone following me. Shalom from a tumblr Jew!

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Finally saw The Winter Soldier today.

Between this and Divergent, I am approaching critical fandom mass. I did laugh my ass off at how Steve has an indestructible shield and Nat has a collection of badass guns and Falcon has fucking giant metal wings, but for some reason they only gave Bucky a little butter knife to throw around. HOWEVER, it was awesome and I’ll probably see it again.

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A revolution of consciousness!!!


A revolution of consciousness!!!

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In case any of my followers have been watching the Pistorius trial as intently as I have,

I’m not going to opine on it one way or another because frankly I don’t have the energy. But what I will say is that I’ve seen a LOT of confusion around the internet as to why “Oscar keeps calling the prosecutor (Gerrie Nel) “m’lady” whenever he speaks to him,” so I thought I’d explain for those who haven’t googled it yet.

In South Africa, where Oscar Pistorius is from and where the trial is being held, judges are always addressed formally as “my lady” or “my lord.” It is concurrent with proper legal proceedings for Oscar to ONLY ever address the judge, in this case a woman, even if the prosecutor is speaking to him directly. I know it’s confusing to listen to, but it will go like: prosecutor asks Pistorius a question, and in turn Pistorius responds to the judge alone and addresses her respectfully as “m’lady.” So as much as I’d like to add to his list of abhorrent behavior, I will point out that he’s not being disrespectful to the prosecutor OR trying to charm the judge, both of which I’ve seen stated online. Hope that helps clear up confusion!

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Everyone who reblogs this will get the title of a book to read based on their bio/posts.

Everyone. I mean it.




they really do mean everyone

I’m sure I’m way too late but I love this!

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People criticizing TFIOS because Gus sounds pretentious???

that was the point???

like literally at his fake funeral his best friend talks about how fucking pretentious he is and how annoying it was???

It was one of his character flaws? He was deliberately written that way?

You’re not being clever or critical by pointing it out, you are literally stating a fact about the novel that the author deliberately wrote

I see this a lot in fandom and it has always perplexed me. If a character is flawless: OMG THEY’RE UNREALISTIC THIS IS SO STUPID I HATE THIS BOOK EVERYONE IS ONE-DIMENSIONAL.

If a character has obvious flaws that are actual human shortcomings of personality: OMG I HATE THEM WHY ARE THEY SUCH AN ASSHOLE/SO PRETENTIOUS/ANNOYING FUCK THIS BOOK.

Tris in Divergent gets it a lot, for being unforgiving and occasionally cruel and judgmental and incredibly selfish, but the thing is? That’s how Veronica Roth INTENDED to write her. Tris herself makes direct observations on her own personality flaws quite often, pointing out to the reader through internal monologue that yes she lies more than she’d like to admit, and yes she has a terrible temper and can be paranoid and jealous and terribly selfish. SHE says these things about herself, OTHER characters say these things about her, THIS IS WHO SHE IS AS A CHARACTER.

ETA: I have to admit that I’ve ranted about Allegiant-era Tris myself, because she IS annoying and increasingly irritating. But as a character, it’s not the fact that she’s written that way that bothers me. I actually appreciate a lot that she’s written as three-dimensional as she is, with distinct traits and flaws, because we don’t see enough of that with female YA characters.

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